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home, which lowers fees for us and saves time for commuting. Also, get into the habit of thinking in English, dont translate from your own language into English, it will slow you down. I look forward to attending English 101, with its examinations of writing techniques and styles, illustrated by classic literature. Learning inside the class, a good environment for practicing and motivation of studying, is very necessary experience for learners. First, I will define learning in the best way I can through my own understanding. For example, a DVD can be repeated whereas a news report can only be heard once. When you read dont worry about trying to understand every world, dont keep reaching for the dictionary every few seconds!

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Above all, try not to worry, learning English should be fun! Although most people can realize the importance of English in modern life. When listening to something more than once; college behavioral thesis using online forums first, try to catch the general meaning, then, listen a second time for more in-depth information. Again, nothing can beat learning at an English language school abroad. Its also good to watch TV shows, or movies in English. You should spend more time on practicing yourself at home. English Mistakes, none of us want to make mistakes in front of others; however, your mistakes are very important and will actually help you learn English. OR "Although most people have realized the importance of English in modern life, mastering English is quite difficult for them. Again, the internet is a great way to help. You will become a good English learner.

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