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of India was carried out using the Wind Atlas Analysis and Application Program (WAsP) for the first time. The probability statistics help authors used assumptions specific to the National. The wind speed characteristics, power density, and Weibull parameters were determined. The research questions were as follows: Do author keywords include new terms that are not to be found in a thesaurus function? The wind speed characteristics, power.

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Many consider wind farms to be visions of beauty in their own right both aesthetically as well as for what they represent: a new form of renewable energy that could help save the environment. They are concerned about property values going down and at least one appraiser found that residential property near a proposed windplant will likely be in the 17-20 loss range (Easton, 2009,. The use of thesauri terms is usually recommended as a part of precision strategy in searching. Uncontrolled vocabulary on the other hand, consists of freely assigned keywords which the authors use to describe their work. Retrieved August 2, 2009 from american Wind Energy Association (2009). There are several companies investing in the development of ways to store excess wind. Serendipity Controlled terms are broader thus retrieving a larger amount of article and enabling serendipity through browsing. Although the data sample analyzed is small and covers one subject field only, our findings illustrate that author keywords may indeed include new terms that are not to be found in a thesaurus function. In the long run, wind energy may be extremely environmentally friendly as the advantages to the environment and the benefits to mankind far outweigh the disadvantages. The authors used a Department of Defense (DoD) safety standard to assess risk because the National Wind Technology Center is government property; however, DoD requirements do not apply in most places. Furthermore, cumulative economic activity would exceed 1 trillion or more than 440 billion in net present value terms. (2002) Thesaurus-enhanced search interfaces, Journal of Information Science, Volume 28, Issue 2, 2002, Pages 111-122.