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minutes to talk about their country. There must be a visual product as posters, powerpoints etc. It deals with cohesion and coherence in different types of texts. Further the results showed that the perception of irony-related emotions is influenced by our age. Step 3: Information, the students will need knowledge about the countries, in order to answer the questions. Our hunch is that scholars, as well as the contemporary Western societies in which most live and work, widely accept the following tacit beliefs: (a) within any situation, not all things that can be said and done are equally competent; (b) success in personal and. (iii) Discourse competence is related to the learners' mastery of understanding and producing texts in the modes of listening, speaking, reading and writing.

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"By far the most important development in tesol has been the emphasis on a communicative approach in language teaching (Coste, 1976; Roulet, 1972; Widdowson, 1978). During the research one was able to get answers from a total of 3,167 respondents. Examples and Observations "Why have so many scholars, from so many fields, studied communicative competence within so many relational, institutional, and cultural contexts? The concept of communicative competence (a term coined by linguist, dell Hymes in 1972) grew out of resistance to the concept of linguistic competence introduced by, noam Chomsky (1965). It is concerned with the learners' ability to handle for example settings, topics and communicative functions in different sociolinguistic contexts. More, this thesis sets the verbal irony into a broader context of human communication and supports the tendency to understand the irony as a communication strategy not only as a speech figure or a tool to make our way of speaking more attractive. Directions in Sociolinguistics: The Ethnography of Communication,. Linguistic and Communicative Competence. Step 1: Research, in order to get to know each others countries, the students needs some basic knowledge about all of the countries.

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