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staff of professional writers who specialize in different fields of studies. Peace and harmony are the building blocks of any society. Regardless what life situation has led you to our door, we are always open and ready to help. As there is a high possibility of burning out if they fulfill all the assignment by themselves, students suppose that the inner balance is more important than grades. The citizens of a country feel safe and secure and can prosper only if a peaceful environment is maintained. Political Menace Many times, the opposition instigates the general public against the party in power to fulfil their own selfish motives and this eventually leads to disturbances. Only when you are 100 satisfied with the result, we send you the final edition. Here is how the Constitution binds people from diverse backgrounds as well as the factors that hamper the peace and harmony of the country.

What you should pay great attention to is the way how you make your statements: remember that your style shouldnt seem offensive to your reader even if he or she doesnt accept your point of view. Dont Contradict Yourself, before you start working on the essay, make sure you have decided clearly what your position and attitude are. Caste System There is a lot of discrimination done based on a persons caste and creed even though the Constitution gives the right to equality to all. Some such instances have been shared below: 1969 Gujarat Riots : The Indian state of Gujarat saw communal violence between Hindus and Muslims during September-October 1969. State Issues Parties such as Shiv Sena have shown intolerance towards allowing people belonging to other states to work in Maharashtra. There have been several instances when people have come forward to revolt against undue price rise and hampered the peace. Several terrorist attacks have been carried out in the past and the life of people has been disturbed owing to these. India enjoys unity in diversity. Accepting differences and respecting human rights as effective ways to achieve peace. An Excellent Experience with a Custom Paper Writing Service. However, there have been several instances when peace has been disrupted in the country owing to different reasons. Many times people belonging to a particular religion are incited to create unnecessary disturbance in the state.

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