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is engaged in doctoral studies in Speech and Hearing Science and expects to complete her Phd in 2019. She worked as a research trainee at Washington University School of Medicine through the National Institutes of Health T35 Training Program for Clinical Audiologists and served as an intern at the Phonak Audiology Research Center in Warrenville, Illinois. Ralph Geeseman Scholarship for Veterans, brent Blackwell, brent will complete his Kinesiology degree in 2018. Kayla Jordan Kayla completed her masters degree in Speech Language Pathology this year.

His career goal is to increase the prevalence of adaptive sports by developing new programs at either the community or university level. Her career goal is to become a data analyst. Seybold Scholarship Alyson May Alyson will complete her bachelors degree in Broadcast Journalism in 2018.

Her goals as a professional scholar are to pursue community-based research projects in partnership with womens health communities, develop the first belonging by jeannie baker essay best practices guide for post-abortion fetal viewing for womens health clinics, and mentor students in community service learning. As a content analyst at the Cline Center for Democracy on campus, Derek researches political events around the world. After graduating in 2019, she may work in diplomacy or for a nongovernmental organization that works toward peace in the Middle East. She anticipates graduating in 2019 and hopes to be a teacher with her own special education classroom. Masculinities, Self-Efficacy and Interior Plants as Leisure (Masters Thesis, completed December, 2010).

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