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With a perfectly breathable waterproof Gore-tex layer beneath the traditional durable and water repellent outer layer, the Mountain Jacket has proved itself to be a perfect companion for adventures in nature. "Throughout my career, make-up has played a starring role, Claudia Schiffer tells. On Diors website, one can watch a series of videos highlighting their individual artistic identities and inspirations. The Teton Capsule Collection features high-end comfort, resistance and lightness to fight extreme conditions in every setting, while impressing with an emblematic and fashionable style. Save for possible excesses, this seemingly negativistic approach is profoundly justified. Used by the revolutionary to shake the true convictions of the latter and thus to unleash or exacerbate the rebellion of their passions, these ideas inspire and shape the institutions created by the Revolution, and are to be found in the most varied branches.

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Like the summer nights spent wearing Jinbei but here transposed in leather and denim or those high school times with the tartan motifs from school uniforms juxtaposed here with urban silhouettes. Both high and low speed revolutionaries can open their eyes in the terrible twilight in which we live and be converted to God. It is a fact that the set design by Villa Eugenie gave the perfect background to the collection. We mean the real theologians, that is, the few who still believe in the existence of the devil and hell, especially the few among these few who have the courage to face the scorn and persecution of the mass media and to speak out. Models Edie Campbell, Anna Ewers, Mitchell Slaggert and Jake Lahrman, found themselves in the Kentucky countryside surrounded by horses, perfect symbols of this freedom collection. M Fashion Acne Studios Fall/Winter 2017 When everyone is playing urban street-wear, Jonny Johansson used a romantic and soft approach for his Acne Studios Fall/Winter 2017. Mix-matched with sultry embellished silk gowns in soft powder pink and multicolour sporty striped knitwear. Original jewellery sketches from the Bulgari archives are placed within rooms or in hallways, recalling the 130-years of Roman jewellery design history. It does seem to us, however, particularly opportune to focus on the importance of the passional factors and their influence in strictly ideological aspects of the revolutionary process in which we find ourselves. Despite the opulent of details, such as the seasons club kid slogans or the roses embroideries, the look stays balanced. Pirelli Calendars have always been seen as conveyors of a specific message of perfection that could be hardly afforded by us, mere mortals.