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or if she was just guilty of making a bad judgment call. Ultimately crippling our economy and causing people to go bankrupt. Basically, the scandal of Martha Stewart was caused by a phone call from her old friend and also her stock account manager, Peter Bacanovic. Stewart, as CEO, act responsibly?

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Some people scold her to wear the mask, and some people scold her was a big swindler. He moved back home for awhile, picking up weird jobs such as running a puppet show that gifted children. She should've listened to her instincts at that time and should've confessed right away Reasonable Alternatives:. Case Study 2 Case: The Trial of Martha Stewart The Central Issue: Did Martha Stewart commit the crime of insider trading when she sold the ImClone shares? What was the affect of her actions (utility what were the rights and duties involved (deontology and ultimately, a decision as to were here actions ethical? Committing fraudulent acts or being unethical is not what a person with a thriving business would want to connected with. Stewart sold almost 4000 (exactly 3,928) shares of her personally owned stock of ImClone in December 2001. Martha Stewart, who is a representative of successful woman, has a strong business in the United States. Essay about Trial of Martha Stewart.

Breana stewart essay
breana stewart essay