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to End the Air War. . There was the attitude that those (Vietnamese) were less than people. The commanding generals discussed the issue of civilian casualties, not as a humanitarian crisis, but as a public relations problem, as any acknowledgement of civilian casualties would give North Vietnam a propaganda advantage and turn world opinion (more strongly) against the United States. . And GVN to educate people about herbicide use or to assist those who have been affected. . 134 The analogy to the earlier Red threat was appropriate in certain ways. . Involvement in Vietnam under Kennedy President John. Began sending combat troops. .

Americas nato allies elvis presley research essay advised.S. Disorders accompanied some of these demonstrations. . The Southeast Asia Treaty Organization (seato founded in Manila on September 8, 1954, extended a mantle of protection over the so-called free territory under the jurisdiction of the State of Vietnam, meaning South Vietnam. . He added, Cold-bloodedly, we really dont care what happens here providing the Communists dont get it Vietnam and with it Southeast Asia. Government could imperil the future release of additional POWs before the end of the war.

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