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customer is willing to do a case study, Im going to assume you already have a good amount of information about them, but it cant hurt to do an interview to gather the remaining details. Lit Review, case Study, what is the Literature Review? If your subject of analysis is a phenomenon. Step Two: the case site analysis. This section should include the specific things you did to help the customer overcome their challenges, and the results they saw from those efforts. Exceptions to this can be when you are addressing a complex research problem or subject of analysis that requires more in-depth background information. Once you have gathered the necessary information, a draft of your analysis should include these sections: Introduction, identify the key problems and issues in the case study. Describe the relationship each work has to the others under consideration that informs the reader why this case is applicable. They must be evidence-based and grounded in the results of the study; otherwise, it is merely speculation. Literature reviews (lit reviews) in research reports and case studies fulfill two functions: (1) inform the reader of concepts needed to understand the paper; and (2) persuade the reader that the research question or POV is credible. If applicable, summarize prior case study montaign essays cannibals summary research applied to the research problem and why it fails to adequately address the research problem.

This is a good section to include a customer testimonial and describe where theyre at today because, after all, you had a part in helping them get there! The purpose of their study was to provide new insights from measuring the impact of a typical local sports event that prior studies could not measure well because they focused on large "mega-events." Whether the event is rare or not, the methods section should include. Summarize any literature that not only shows how your subject of analysis contributes to understanding the research problem, but how your case contributes to a new way of understanding the problem that prior research has failed. (Thousand Oaks, CA: sage Publications, 2010. Note that, depending on the discipline you are writing in and your professor's preferences, the concluding paragraph may contain your final reflections on the evidence presented applied to practice or on the essay's central research problem. Colorado State University; Gerring, John. Looking at a prior example, it would be incorrect to state that a factor in improving girls access to education in Azerbaijan and the policy implications this may have for improving access in other Muslim nations is due to girls access to social media.

It is your single greatest writing tool for organizing complex material, which is a beautiful thing! This includes describing the relationships this person has had with other people, institutions, and/or events essays on huckleberry finn jim that support using him or her as the subject for a case study research paper. Imagine a skeptical audience: Why should they believe you? Single-Case Research Design and Analysis: New Development for Psychology and Education. . Case studies begin by placing the site in its historical and geographic context. Select the best solution, consider strong supporting evidence, pros, and cons: is this solution realistic? In the social and behavioral sciences, the event or incident that represents the case to be studied is usually bounded by time and place, with a clear beginning and end and with an identifiable location or position relative to its surroundings.

Challenges, this section should be all about the specific challenges your customer was facing. Depending on the preferences of your instructor and institution, the executive summary can be written in either paragraph- or point-form. Why do they exist? The following is a list of tips and strategies for writing the executive summary section of a case study report: Write the executive summary after all of the other sections of the report have been written.