thesis about malunggay bread

us an idea on what will be the pricing for our Veggie Bread products. 25, 1992 Age: 21yrs. Any change of the price of the veggie bread products will be taken into consideration to the factor that measures the consumers' capability to purchase the product. It is electrical, having timers and various controls to suit the user's needs. Cup each Veggie Bread dough portions with your right hand and roll it into a ball in an anti-clockwise motion, if it gets too sticky, dust measurements in research paper meaning your hands with some flour. Place your fresh milk, evaporated milk and water in a microwavable container and heat it up for 45 seconds first, before pouring it to your Vegie bread. By this result we can have some adjustments about the production of our Veggie Bread products. Buy 1 box get juice free. 67.50 364,500.00 grams.00 10,800.00 3 bunches.00 7,200.00 Peanut Butter 60 jars 720 jars.00 28,800.00 Choco Flavor 6 packs.25 45,000.00 4 cans 48 cans.00 1,536.00 15 kilos 180 kilos.00 3,780.00 1,726.89 468,552.00 Flour Egg Powdered Milk Mallunggay Condense Milk Monggo.

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Thesis about malunggay bread
thesis about malunggay bread

We believe marketing represents an opportunity to create additional competitive advantage and brand awareness. Scope and Limitation of the Study This study of the Veggie bread business is restricted to Cagayan de Oro city and will be based on management, marketing, technical, socioeconomic, and financial aspect of business. Schedule 2: Rent Expense Monthly Annual Cost 4,000.00 48,000.00 Table.3 Schedule 3: Salaries and Wages Position Cost Per Month Cost Per Annual 4,000.00 48,000.00 Cashier 2,000.00 24,000.00 Waitress 1,500.00 18,000.00 Baker 3,500.00 42,000.00 11,000.00 132,000.00 Manager Total Table.4 Schedule 4: Office Supplies Item. Within a market businesses are faced by direct competitors. Chapter IV marketing study This chapter will help to know the marketing aspect of the business.

Items Packaging Cleanliness (Product) Price (2) Satisfying Taste (1) Very Satisfying (3) Average (4) Dissatisfying. Malunggay - Moringa Oleifera (synonym: Moringa pterygo sperma) is the most widely cultivated species of the genus Moringa, which is the only genus in the family Moringaceae, is the most nutritious plant in the world. The product will be disseminated through direct selling and orders are also accepted from the customer within in Cagayan de Oro city from those who are willing to purchase our product.

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