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Kanpur, Patna trash skimmers have been deployed which clean the river while floating. Be it any religion, caste or creed, tradition or colour in this world; the spirit of service is an invaluable hallmark of the highest human values. People from Maharashtra, Karnataka, Goa, Andhra Pradesh, Telengana have deep devotion and respect for Vitthal.

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A number of initiatives were taken to grant them loans under Mudra Yojana. Today, when there is confrontation and human suffering prevalent everywhere in the world, Lord Buddha's teachings show the way to rid hatred from the world with compassion. They can, using their mobile phone, get information and images from all around the world and thats extraordinarily powerful. Keshav Vaishnav has written to me on my App, complaining that parents should never put pressure on their children to score more marks. My heartfelt congratulations to Dileep Singh Malviya for his earnest efforts. They should study as well, if they can do well in studies, they should certainly do so, but if they have the potential and the inclination to do well in sports, that should be encouraged and supported by the school, college, family and all the. In the New India everyone will have equal opportunity and aspirations and wishes of everyone will be fulfilled. Chhathh Upasana is actually an occasion to pray to the Sun God who gives us so much directly and indirectly that it cannot even be measured. Can you imagine how hard their task would have been to frame the Constitution of our country which has such big diversities? The idea is very good but I will have to think. Santosh Giriji, you have the same problem that Gaurav has. Nanaji Deshmukh left politics and joined the Gramodaya Movement and while celebrating his Centenary year, it is but natural to honour his contribution towards Gramodaya.

When I say Fit India, I believe that the more we play, the more we will inspire the country to come out play. Could you please elaborate whether its results after one month are matching the expectations of the Government?

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