benefits of staying physically active essay

the plaque. Moderate-intensity activities make the heart, lungs, and muscles work harder than usual. Muscle-strengthening activities improve the strength, power, and endurance of muscles. Physical Activity Reduces Heart Attack Risk For people who have CHD, aerobic activity done regularly improves the function of the heart. Using a Likert Type scale, participants responded an instrument with 12 items representing barriers to physical activity. Therefore, what is light-intensity activity for one person may be moderate-intensity for another. "Importance of Physical Activity Essay." All Answers Ltd. Secondly, physical activities lead to a better health in students; however, they also play a positive role in the students' GPA. Depending on your level of fitness, they can be light, moderate, or vigorous in intensity: Gardening, such as digging or hoeing that causes your heart rate to.

Ballroom dancing and aerobic dancing, tennis, soccer, hockey, and basketball, in the present era, many technological advances and conveniences have made our life easier and less active. Below are examples of aerobic activities. Aerobic Activity, aerobic activity benefits the heart and lungs. Examples of Aerobic Activities. The person also breathes harder during this type of activity.

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