thesis on child labour in bangladesh

dowry. Sometimes, I have to go through with a birds eye view. Another initiative is upabitte System. More than.3 million children work in hazardous situation. Interviewing by assessing the local peoples opinions about the issues and how they think about cope up the different. Adopt a definition of trafficking for use in legislation. Many girls are trafficked into sexual exploitation or bonded servitude. Children of women who work in a brothel often end up working there too. He works 10 hours a day and gets 8 USD for a month.

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The below chart express this situation, here the percentage of girls marriage is 51 and that why many victim belongs to girl. The child is caught in the conflict between right to life and the fight to earn versus the acceptable norms of survival. They cannot live easily. For this reason, poor peoples children do begging on the street. All these laws prohibit the employment of children below 14 years of age. Most of the people live in below poverty line and incase of high density all kinds of basic need are not able to meet anybody. A large number of the girls working as housemaid are often obliged to spend the night in their employers household there by also exposing themselves to various abuses. A lot of this violence and abuse ultimately cell leading edge essay causes them to end up in prisons or correction homes. But it is contentious. As a result, they are consistently becoming easy victims of all sorts of violence. On 24 May, 2001, Akhtar Mia (4) and Sarkar (5) were rescued from Pripal village near the Bangladesh India border. Working children have become an integral part of Bangladeshi society.