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known for. Raymond Chandler, his letters 'are an unusually honest and freewheeling journey into the mind of a man who had seen a lot, read a lot, drunk a lot, thought a lot and steered perilously close to insanity in the process.'. Freeman makes ingenious connections between the details of Cissy's life and her husband's books for instance, both the nude photos and her increasing use of drugs appear in the cloud of vice that hangs over the plot of "The Big Sleep.". Born Pearl Eugenie Hurlbert in Ohio just five years after the end of the Civil War, Cissy apparently lived a wilder life than any of Chandler's femme fatales, a full half-century before he wrote about them. This is not bluster; the letters really are that good.

Observer review: The Raymond Chandler Papers, edited

essays frank mcshane raymond chandler

But mostly, it's just beautifully designed and illustrated. So what did these twin pillars of the "hard-boiled" style think of each other?

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Wolfe, Peter, Something More Than Night: The Case of Raymond Chandler. In retrospect, it's easy to see that whatever reputation he managed to cultivate in the highbrow world curbing truancy essay was due more to his radical politics and the company he kept than to genuine admiration for his works. In Altman's vision, Marlowe is truly and undeniably part of the nastiness by the finale. Having Chandlers words is enough for me, I dont need to try to recreate them. He also wrote what he later described as Grade. The Reader, issue. And some of those bits and pieces are just great stuff.