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pinecones. But the point is, if the neighbor could not feel that they were in the dark, there would be no possibility of light for both of them. It means the persona is growing apple orchard while the neighbor is growing pine trees. In the poem itself, Frost creates two distinct characters who have different ideas about what exactly makes a person a good neighbor.

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It is humans internal thinking. It is peoples emotional state of mind that cannot be concrete or visualized. These barriers are often subconsciously put up and strengthened by people in a society and they control ones thought. In terms of form, Mending Wall is not structured with stanzas; it is a simple forty-five lines of first-person narrative. He wants to live in harmony.

He also shies away from any obvious rhyme patterns and instead relies upon the occasional internal rhyme and the use of assonance in certain ending terms (such as wall, hill, balls, well). He is not using any fancy words here.