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(Plate B) for ethanol extracts of (a) tulsi, (b) neem and (c) aloe vera against Staphylococcus aureus methicillin? The promiscuous use of antibiotics accounts for a major part of the community burden of antibiotic use and contributes dramatically to the rising prevalence of resistance among major human pathogens. From this group (. The results also provide an opportunity to develop more efficacious drugs by isolating lead compounds and determining their mode of action. In skin burns and wound healing processes, phenolic-protein complexes form a film that prevents dehydration and creates a physical barrier to damaged tissue thereby preventing microbial infection and chemical damage ( Luseba., 2007 ). Sericea (Combretaceae) should be studied for active principles, derivatives and followed by pre-clinical trials possible due to the wide spectrum of activities for isolates. Antibiotics Test bacteria Kp 1 Kp 2 Ec 1 Ec2 Ec 3 Pm Sa 1 Sa 2 Sa mrsa Sa 3 A F L KAmikacin, ACAmoxycillin/Clavulanic acid, cfxcefixime, CSCefoperazoneSulbactum, CECefotaxime, CICeftriaxone, CFCiprofloxacin, GFGatifloxacin, GGentamicin, IImipenem, LELevofloxacin, MRMeropenem, OFOfloxacin, PTPiperacillin/tazobactam, VAVancomycin, LZLinezolid, RResistant, SSensitive, KpKlebsiella pneumoniae.

Brusotti,., Andreola,., Sferrazza,., Grisoli,., Merelli,., Robustelli della Cuna,. The flavonoid content was expressed as g catechin equivalents (CTE) g DW derived from a standard curve. The intensive utilization of natural medicines from the integral components of indigenous plant parts like leaves, roots, corms, and bulbs necessitates the protection of many species as their wild populations are declining due to excessive harvesting for export, trade, and medicinal use (. The brine shrimp assay determines the relationship between brine shrimp lethality and cytotoxicity and a positive correlation exists between brine shrimp lethality and cytotoxicity ( Ayo., 2007 ). For the plant extract to be lethal, shrimp death of 50 had to be recorded after. Aqil F, Ahmad. Google Scholar Heinrich,., Barnes,., Gibbons,., and Williamson,. Each plant extract (100 l) was added to the test tubes and allowed to stand at room temperature for. Antibacterial effect of some medicinal plant extracts against some pathogenic bacterial strains.

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