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/ could serve as an example here (cf. Nevertheless, it is true that native speakers attain them much earlier and most likely all of them, whereas L2 learners might struggle with some of these features. Cook (2008: 171) adds that native speakers are even capable of producing new sentences that they have not heard before (ibid.). By referring to the language identity, a third approach to defining the native speaker becomes clear. All these features can be seen with regard to pronunciation. Since this paper deals with the question whether native speakers should be the target of teaching pronunciation, it makes sense to define the native speaker first. Respecting this type get a good education essay of definition, your second language will never be your native language regardless of how long or how well you speak it (Cook, 2008: 171).

pronunciation thesis pdf

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It is a matter of time and effort. None of these characteristics are achieved by heritage. Keeping this in mind, it raises the question whether L2 should acquire native-like pronunciation with regard to social identity. Due to their same use of language, native speakers belong to specific groups. In other words, the very first language one encounters as a baby is the native language (ibid.). Thus, you cannot become the importance of communication in the workplace essay a native speaker just by learning the language. In conclusion, the first kind of definition has to be accepted. When a L2 learner imitates these variations, in particular, in the early stages of his acquaintance with the new culture, he must clearly risk making social self-identifications that he would not intend (James and Leather: 271). 3.1 Analysing the definitions.2 Goals of L2 teaching.3 Received Pronunciation as a target of teaching and the idea of an interlanguage. Your speech gives away a lot of aspects of your identity (Cook, 2008: 171).

In the conclusion I will summarize the results of the analysis and try to give a final statement. Cook 2008, James and Leather 1996).

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