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caller at her fathers grave and this prompted her to write Electra on Azalea Path, which is a poem that described the memorable moments of her fathers life (Horvath 61). After a life time of facing challenges and problems, they can look back on a productive life. She used her life details as the raw materials for her art work. Unfortunately, these views are popular probability statistics help myths and have resulted in generations of misunderstanding and inappropriate attention to the needs of 10 to 14 years old. Anything from a sudden interest in Bible-reading to expressions of guilt over wrongdoing at home could mean God is working in a childs heart. To start with, she was born during the time of The Great Depression when the nation was being faced with severe economic problems. This shows that Plath did not like her past and the only way to show this was by putting it through poems and books In conclusion, the lives of these two authors were full of similar tragedies. It is at this stage that children develop their sense of position relative to others in the peer group by mastering the academic and social skills.

Reciprocity is a matter of you scratch my back and Ill scratch yours, not of loyalty, gratitude, or justice. If they succeed in acquiring these skills and if their accomplishments are valued by others, the child develops a sense of industry. Dickenson did not enjoy this; instead, she withdrew (Paul). Mature adults have a different perspective on life and see their lives as having a purpose.

Things are so much more different when you are an shakespeare thesis paper adult. In our sometimes over-zealous attempts to bring children to a decision for Christ we forget what that decision. Parents should neither push them into premature professions of faith nor neglect their spiritual nurture. She enrolled at Smith College a place where she broke her leg when she was skiing. The attitude is not only one of conformity to personal expectations and social order but also of loyalty to it, of actively maintaining, supporting, and justifying it, of identifying with persons or group involved. Her poems which she wrote while she was in the seminary show her tendencies in her academic years. Fairness, reciprocity, and equal sharing are present, but are always interpreted in a physical, pragmatic way. Postconventional, Autonomous, or Principled Level The person makes a clear effort to define moral values and principles that have validity and application apart from the authority of the groups or persons holding these principles, and apart from the individuals own identification with these groups.

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